Armando Acosta has spent sixteen years professionally window tinting in Las Vegas, the last twelve years of which were spent at a local Luxury car dealership in Las Vegas, where he started the Window Tint department and was in charge of the in-house paint protection program.

Armando’s Custom Window Tint exhibits full knowledge and capability of Paint Protecting and tinting any vehicle on the road today! Utilizing the latest technology we are able to produce laser like precise patterns to fit your vehicle so your vehicle gets the “best fit”. Armando’s Custom Window Tint can also professionally REMOVE low grade films without causing damage to door panels, defroster lines, or glass; an expert removal is very important if you are getting your car re-tinted..

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We’ve long understood that a quality experience is in the details. All of our services would mean little without the very best professional installation—which is why we don’t just take pride in our Certified Installers. We celebrate them.


 16 years of window tint Experience

Over 16 years servicing the automobile industry where quality integrity and dependability come first.

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Global offers a full line of automotive window films designed to provide the custom look you desire, no matter what vehicle you drive. Global professional grade automotive window films help protect fabric and leather interiors from sun fading and deterioration.


With over 16 years experience Armando’s Custom Window Tint is the industry leader in automotive window tint, residential window tint, commercial window tint and automotive paint protection. At Armando’s Custom Window Tint you will receive quality product selection and installation. Protect your investment at Armando’s Custom Window Tint!

2018 Tesla Model 3

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2017 Lexus RC

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2019 Lexus GS

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2019 Audi R8

Paint Protection, Window Tint

2019 Audi A7

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2017 Audi A7

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