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Las Vegas Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film Las Vegas

Stop Road Debris, Bugs, And Small Rocks From Damaging Your Car.

R emember when it was common to see a car driving down the street with a full-on leather bumper mask covering the front of the vehicle? It’s the same thing but much better! The material is an invisible urethane fill that is applied to the most vulnerable locations likely to damage your car. It acts as a barrier to any potential threats to the painting on your vehicle.

It can repair minor scratches and scuffs which helps to keep a brilliant and brand new look to the vehicle. Feel free to stop by our shop or call us at 702-292-9854 with any questions you have.


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  • Computer Cut Patterns

  • High-Quality Paint Protection Film

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This is during the install Process

This is after the install Process

During the installation of Paint Protection Film
After installing paint protection on Audi

Some of our Featured Cars we got a chance to work on

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

Clear & Glossy Paint

Invisible finish, enabling clear and glossy paint.

Retains Its Value

Retains vehicle resale value, and is cheaper than having to repaint.

Stops Stains

Stops chemical stains and etching caused by bird droppings and bug splatter.

Computer Cut Technology

Individually computer cut for your specific year, make, and model.

Blocks Harmful UV Rays

It preserves the clarity of your paint.

Protects Against Chips & Scratches

Guards against chips and scratches caused by roceks and road debris.

Get your vehicle paint protection today with the team at Action Window Tinting.


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